How to create a Murano blown glass vase with Murrine ?

How we work with murrina and murano glass:

The manufacture of Murrina glass is the most laborious and time-consuming of the three techniques;

Murrina rods are cut into small pieces (millefiori beads) and then placed in a copper frame, like a mosaic, of different shapes and colours;

This composition is done by hand, placing each individual piece of Murrina in the frame to create the desired shape or design.

This work cannot be done by everyone, the craftsman who does it must have a lot of patience and imagination, to be able to create new designs and combine the wide range of colours that comes from Murrina glass.

The next step is to put the frames in the glass furnace in special containers for a whole night, where the glass begins to melt and increase in thickness.

After this, the glass is always ground and manually cleaned piece by piece for an hour.

This process is performed for all categories of Murano glass products with Murrine such as blown vases, sculptures, glasses, centrepieces, animals, figurines, clocks, pendants, key rings, glass stoppers, frames, corporate gifts and anything else you can imagine with blown glass murrine.