03 settembre 2021
Vetro artistico di Murano
Dal Medioevo al Rinascimento, dall'evoluzione cromatica e dell'Ottocento alle tendenze più audaci dell'arte contemporanea, Murano ha instillato nel vetro le tradizioni dell'antico artigianato
02 settembre 2021
Murano blown glass vases
Blowing Murano glass vases is not really something that is made for the normal person without patience and perseverance hence the reason why people can only watch in awe as people do blown glass and produce such consistent and unique designs before the final release for the customer's purchase
01 settembre 2021
Murano glass products
Tidy boxes Paperweights. The most common and easiest way to use glass is to use the weight it has in the simplest forms with various designs, largely depending on the imagination and creative mindset of the creator.
30 agosto 2021
Collections: The Murano glass vases
You can look at all of the Murano glass vases that are available, and choose the one that looks best in the space that you want to use for it, as well as discover all of the fun ways that you can use a Murano glass vase in your home.
25 agosto 2021
Vetro Murrino da Murano ai musei
I vetri murrini realizzati dai vetrai muranesi dell'ottocento ottennero il primo straordinario successo internazionale alla Esposizione Universale di Parigi del 1878. Tra la fine del XIX secolo e l'inizio del XX i vetrai di Murano.....
15 agosto 2021
Murano Glass Vases
Even though the middle of the 19TH century was a time of much innovation for Venetian and Murano artisans, the periods of interest to most collectors of antique and vintage....
15 agosto 2021
Murano Glass Sculptures
who created unique Murano glass. The process of making Murano glass sculpture is rather complex. Most Murano glass art is made using the lampworking technique. The glass is made from silica (sand), which becomes liquid at high temperatures. As the glass passes from a ......
14 agosto 2021
A Touch of Culture: Decorating Your Home With Murano Glass Vases
The glass vases that are available from Murano are defined by their specific looks that have been created over centuries. The art of making glass as well as glass blowing in this region has several influences, including Venetian glass blowing, as well as patterns and colors
10 agosto 2021
Murano Glass Jewelry
These are some of the important aspects that you need to be certain about before you go out there to buy murano glass jewelries. Therefore, make sure you keep them in mind and buy only ...................Read More
05 agosto 2021
Trova i migliori vasi in vetro di Murano sul web
Le diverse forme dei vasi in vetro di Murano vengono poi arricchite con bellissime incisioni in modo che i vasi rifiniscano in una forma perfetta e robustezza che solo i vetrai......

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