A Touch of Culture: Decorating Your Home With Murano Glass Vases

Adding decorations in your home for a new and refined look begins with getting the right accessories for every corner of the room. If you want to add in an artistic or contemporary look, then considering a Murano glass vase is the beginning to adding in something unique for every room. Looking for the perfect vase for any room is the beginning to enjoying the most of the art of Italy, while providing a unique craft to add into your home.




The glass vases that are available from Murano are defined by their specific looks that have been created over centuries. The art of making glass as well as glass blowing in this region has several influences, including Venetian glass blowing, as well as patterns and colors from Asian and Muslim influences. The merging of these various cultures has created a colorful set of pieces for the home. Over time, this has developed into contemporary patterns and colors that keep this same influence, allowing for even more from the vas